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Almost Decided

to become Christians cut down in battle without having taken the
step that would have made them sure of eternal life. I confess there
is something very sad about it.

In one of the tenement houses in New York city, a doctor was sent
for. He came, and found a young man very sick. When he got to the
bedside the young man said:

"Doctor, I don't want you to deceive me; I want to know the worst.
Is this illness to prove serious?"

After the doctor had made an examination, he said: "I am sorry to
tell you you cannot live out the night."

The young man looked up and said: "Well, then, I have missed it at

"Missed what?"

"I have missed eternal life. I always intended to become a Christian
some day, but I thought I had plenty of time, and put it off."

The doctor, who was himself a Christian man, said: "It is not too
late. Call on God for mercy."

"No; I have always had a great contempt for a man who repents when
he is dying; he is a miserable coward. If I were not sick I would
not have a thought about my soul, and I am not going to insult God

The doctor spent the day with him, read to him out of the Bible, and
tried to get him to lay hold of the promises. The young man said he
would not call on God, and in that state of mind he passed away.
Just as he was dying the doctor saw his lips moving. He reached
down, and all he could hear was the faint whisper:

"I have missed it at last!"

Dear friend, make sure that you do not miss eternal life at last.
Will you go with Herod or with John? Bow your head now and say:

"Son of God, come into this heart of mine. I yield myself to Thee,
fully, wholly, unreservedly."

He will come to you, and will not only save you, but will keep you
to the end.

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