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Bid Him Do Some Great Things

Instead of that, Elisha, who was perhaps busy writing, did not even
come to the door or the window. He merely sent out the message:

"Tell him to dip seven times in the Jordan."

And away went Naaman, saying, I thought, I thought, I thought.

I have heard that tale so often that I am tired of it. Give it up,
and take God's words, God's thoughts, God's ways. I never yet knew a
man converted just in the time and manner he expected to be. I have
heard people say, "Well, if ever I am converted, it won't be in a
Methodist church; you won't catch me there." I never knew a man say
that but, at last, if converted at all, it was in a Methodist

In Scotland a man was converted at one of our meetings--an employer.
He was very anxious that all his employees should be reached, and he
used to send them one by one to the meetings. But there was one man
that wouldn't come. We are all more or less troubled with
stubbornness; and the moment this man found that his employer wanted
him to go to the meetings he made up his mind he wouldn't go. If he
was going to be converted, he said, he was going to be converted by
some ordained minister; he was not going to any meeting that was
conducted by Americans that were not ordained. He believed in
conversion, but he was going to be

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