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He Thought The Lord Had Made A Mistake

that he was not the man. He said, "Who am I?" He was very small in
his own estimation. Forty years before he had started out as a good
many others have started. He thought he was pretty well equipped for
service. He had been in the schools of the Egyptians, he had been in
the palaces of Egypt, he had moved in the bon ton society. He had
had all the advantages any man could have when he started out,
undoubtedly, without calling on the God of Abraham for wisdom and
guidance, yet he broke down.

How many men have started out in some profession and made a failure
of it! They haven't heard the voice of God, they haven't waited upon
God for instruction.

I suppose Moses thought that the children of Israel would be greatly
honored to know that a prince of the realm was going to take up
their cause, but you remember how he lost his temper and killed the
Egyptian, and next day, when he interfered in a quarrel between two
Hebrews, they wanted to know who had made him judge and ruler over
them, and he had to flee into the desert, and was there for forty
years hidden away. He killed the Egyptian and lost his influence
thereby. Murder for liberty; wrong for right; it was a poor way to
reform abuses, and Moses needed training.

It was a long time for God to keep him in His school, a long time
for a man to wait in the prime of his life, from forty to eighty.
Moses had been brought us with all the luxuries that Egypt could
give him, and now he was a shepherd, and in the sight of the
Egyptians a shepherd was an abomination. I have an idea that Moses
started out with a great deal bigger head than heart. I believe that
is the reason so many fail; they have

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