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I Know

There is no hesitation about it, no qualifying the expression.
Naaman doesn't now say, "I think"; no, he says, "I know there is a
God who has power to cleanse the leprosy."

Then there is another thought. Naaman left only one thing in
Samaria, and that was his leprosy; and the only thing God wishes you
to leave with Him is your sin. And yet it is the only thing you seem
not to care about giving up.

"Oh," you say, "I love leprosy, it is so delightful, I can't give it
up; I know God wants it, that He may make me clean. But I can't give
it up."

Why, what downright madness it is for you to love leprosy; and yet
that is your condition.

"Ah," says someone, "I don't believe in sudden conversions."

Don't you? How long did it take Naaman to be cured? The seventh time
he went down, away went the leprosy. Read the great conversions
recorded in the Bible. Saul of Tarsus, Zacchaeus, and a host of
others; how long did it take the Lord to bring them about? They were
effected in a minute. We are born in iniquity, shapen in it, dead in
trespasses and sins; but when spiritual life comes it comes in a
moment, and we are free both from sin and death.

You may be sure when he got home there was no small stir in Naaman's
house. I can see his wife, Mrs. Naaman, when he gets back. She has
been watching and looking out of the window for him with a great
burden on her heart. And when she asks him, "Well, husband, how is
it?" I can see the tears running down his cheeks as he says:

"Thank God, I am well."

They embrace each other, and pour out mutual expressions of
rejoicing and gladness. The servants are just as glad as their
master and mistress, as they have been waiting eagerly for the news.
There never was a happier household than Naaman's, now that he has
got rid of the leprosy. And so, my friends, it will be with your own
households if you will only get rid of the leprosy of sin to-day.
Not only will there be joy in your own hearts and at home, but there
will also be

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