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Naaman The Syrian

I wish to call your attention to one who was a great man in his own
country, and very honorable; one whom the king delighted to honor.
He stood high in position; he was captain of the host of the King of
Syria; but he was a leper, and that threw a blight over his whole
life. As Bishop Hall quaintly puts it, "The meanest slave in Syria
would not have changed skins with him."

Now you cannot have a better type of a sinner than Naaman was. I
don't care who or what he is, or what position he holds--all men
alike have sinned, and all have to bear the same burden of death.
"All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." All men must
stand in judgment before God. What a gloom that throws over our
whole life!

"But he was a leper." There was

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