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Never Have Heard Of

either of them if they had not done this. They stooped to conquer;
and when you get ready to stoop God will bless you. Plato, Socrates,
and other Greek philosophers lived in the same century as Nehemiah.
How few have heard of them and read their words compared with the
hundreds of thousands who have heard and read of Nehemiah during the
last two thousand years!

If you and I are to be blessed in this world, we must be willing to
take any position into which God puts us. So, after Nehemiah had
prayed a while, he began to pray God to send him, and that he might
be the man to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

After he had been praying some time, he was one day in the
banqueting hall, and the king noticed that his countenance was sad.
We might not have called the face sad; but much prayer and fasting

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