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No Eight-hour Working Day

then; they were on duty from the rising of the morning till the
stars appeared. They did not take off their clothes except to wash
them. Fancy, this man who came from the Persian court with all its
luxury, living and sleeping in his clothes for those fifty-two days!
But he was in earnest. Ah, that is what we want! men who will set
themselves to do one thing, and keep at it day and night.

All the people were bidden to lodge within the city, so that they
should always be on hand to work and fight. Would to God that we
could get all who belong inside the church to come in and do their
share. "Happy is the church," says one, "whose workers are well
skilled in the use of the Scripture, so that while strenuously
building the Gospel Wall, they can fight too, if occasion require
it." We ought all be ready to use the Sword of the Spirit.

By and by the men wrote a friendly letter, and wanted Nehemiah to go
down on the plain of Ono and have a friendly discussion. It is

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