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The Biggest Fool In The World

"Why," they would say, "look at the opportunity that man had! He
might have been commander of the Egyptian army, he might have been
on the throne, swaying the sceptre over the whole world, if he
hadn't identified himself with those poor, miserable Hebrews! Think
what an opportunity he has lost, and what a privilege he has thrown

He had dropped out of the public mind for forty years, and they
didn't know what had become of him, but God had His eye upon him. He
was the very man of all others that God wanted, and when he met God
with that question, "Who am I?" it didn't matter who he was but who
his God was. When men learn the lesson that they are nothing and God
is everything, then there is not a position in which God cannot use
them. It was not Moses who accomplished that great work of
redemption, for he was only the instrument in God's hand. God could
have spoken to Pharaoh without Moses. He could have spoken in a
voice of thunder, and broken the heart of Pharaoh with one speech,
if He had wanted to, but He condescended to take up a human agent,
and to use him. He could have sent Gabriel down, but he knew that
Moses was the man wanted above all others, so He called him. God
uses men to speak to men: He works through mediators. He could have
accomplished the exodus of the children of Israel in a flash, but
instead He chose to send a lonely and despised shepherd to work out
His purpose through pain and disappointment. That was God's way in
the Old Testament, and also in the New. He sent His own Son in the
likeness of sinful flesh to be the mediator between God and man.

Moses went on making excuses and said, "When I go down there, who
shall I say has sent me?" I suppose he remembered how he went before
he was sent that other time, and he was afraid of a failure again. A
man who has made a failure once is always afraid he will make
another. He loses confidence in himself. It is a good thing to lose
confidence in ourselves so as to gain confidence in God.

The Lord said, "Say unto them, 'I AM hath sent me.'"

Some one has said that God gave him

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