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The Wrong Physician

but I will tell you of one who can cure you"; and he told him of
Christ, and read to him the 53d chapter of Isaiah, "With His stripes
we are healed."

The young man said, "Doctor, do you believe that?"

The doctor told him he did, and prayed and wrestled with him, and at
last the clear light of Calvary shone on his soul. He had settled
the question in his own mind at last, where he would spend eternity.
I ask you, sinner, to settle it now. It is for you to decide. Shall
it be with the saints, and martyrs, and prophets, or in the dark
caverns of hell, amidst blackness and darkness forever? Make haste
to be wise; for "how shall we escape if we neglect so great

At our church in Chicago I was closing the meeting one day, when a
young soldier got up and entreated the people to decide for Christ
at once. He said he had just come from a dark scene. A comrade of
his, who had enlisted with him, had a father who was always
entreating him to become a Christian, and in reply he always said he
would when the war was over. At last he was wounded, and was put
into the hospital, but got worse and was gradually sinking. One day,
a few hours before he died, a letter came from his sister, but he
was too far gone to read it. Oh, it was such an earnest letter! The
comrade read it to him, but he did not seem to understand it, he was
so weak, till it came to the last sentence, which said:

"Oh, my dear brother, when you get this letter, will you not accept
your sister's Savior?"

The dying man sprang up from his cot, and said, "What do you say?
what do you say?" and then, falling back on his pillow, feebly
exclaimed, "It is too late! It is too late!"

My dear friends, thank God it is not too late for you to-day. The
Master is still calling you. Let every one of us, young and old,
rich and poor, come to Christ at once, and He will put all our sins
away. Don't wait any longer for feeling, but obey at once. You can
believe, you can trust, you can lay hold on eternal life, if you
will. Will you not do it now?

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