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Trying To Make Converts

of these Pharisees--men who had been fighting Christ for nearly
three years! He asked them if they would also become His disciples.
He was ready to tell his experience to all who were willing to hear
it. If he had covered it up at the first, and had not come out at
once, he would not have had the privilege of testifying in that way,
neither would he have been a winner of souls. This man was going to
be a soul-winner.

I venture to say he became one of the best workers in Jerusalem. I
have no doubt he stood well to the front on the day of Pentecost,
when Peter preached, and when the wounded were around him; he went
to work and told how the Lord had blessed him, and how He would
bless them. He was a worker, not an idler, and he kept his lips

It is a very sad thing that so many of God's children are dumb; yet
it is true. Parents would think it a great calamity to have their
children born dumb; they would mourn over it, and weep; and well
they might; but did you ever think of the many dumb children God
has? The churches are full of them; they never speak for Christ.
They can talk about politics, art, and science; they can speak well
enough and fast enough about the fashions of the day; but they have

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