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Dates Connected With The Growth Of The Christian Service Books


112. Pliny's Letter.
140. Justin Martyr's 1st Apology.
340-397. Ambrose, Bp of Milan.
347-407. Chrysostom, Bp of Constantinople.
Before 400. Clementine Liturgy.
463-474. Mamertus, Bp of Vienne. Litanies.
590-604. Gregory, Bp of Rome. Litany: Sacramentary.
Sacramentaries of 7th century, &c., representing
work of
440-461. Leo, Bp of Rome.
492-496. Gelasius, Bp of Rome.
590-604. Gregory, Bp of Rome.

742-814. Charlemagne. Abolition of Gallican Liturgy.
747. Great Council of Cloveshoo.


Growth of the Service Books in England.

200. Christianity already established in Britain. (Tertullian.)
314. Council at Arles in France. Three British Bishops signed.
596-605. Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury.
664. Council of Whitby.
747. The great Council of Cloveshoo.

Restraints upon the influence of the Pope in England.

1215. Magna Charta.
1279. Statute of Mortmain.
1351. Statute of Provisors.
1352. Statute of Praemunire.

Translations of the Bible Revisions of the Prayer Book
in England. in England.

8th century. Psalms (Saxon).
The Gospels (Egbert).
S. John (Bede).

880. The Psalms (King Alfred).

1085. The Sarum Use.

1380-4. Wyclifs Bible.

1526-31. Tyndale.

1535. Coverdale.

1539. Cranmer (The Great Bible).

1545. The King's Primer.

1548. The Order of the Communion.

1549. First Revision in English.

1552. Second Revision in English.

1553. (Latin) Uses restored.

1558-9. Third Revision in English.

1568. The Bishops' Bible.

1604. Fourth Revision.

1611. The Authorised Version.

1645-60. Prayer Book forbidden
by the Long Parliament.

1661-2. Fifth Revision.

1871. New Lectionary.

1872. Shortened Services allowed.

1881, 1885. The Revised Version.

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