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Deus Misereatur

Ps. lxvii., styled by Dr Kay The Spiritual Harvest-Home Song of Israel,
is to be applied by us to the Harvesting of Missionaries, when set
before our minds in the Second Lesson. It especially refers to the
gathering-in of the Gentiles ('all nations'), and extends the threefold
blessing of Num. vi. 24-26 to them; see vv. 1, 6, 7. Cf. the
description which is placed at the head of this Psalm in the Bible, A
prayer for the enlargement of God's kingdom--to the joy of the
people--and the increase of God's blessings.

In the Sarum Use it was a special Sunday Psalm at Lauds (see p. 44);
together with Psalm 63, it followed Jubilate Deo and preceded

[1] Novum Testamentum in Vetere latet,
Vetus Testamentum in Novo patet.

[2] Bishop Barry.

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