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Jubilate Deo

It is scarcely necessary at this time to show that the 100th Psalm is
suitable as a Canticle after a Missionary Lesson; for it seems to be
assumed that the Old Hundredth, in its metrical form, is an integral
and necessary part of a Missionary meeting. "In its breadth and
simplicity it is fit for all occasions of access of the redeemed to
God, and naturally it has become (both in its original form and its
metrical rendering) the regular hymn of unmixed thanksgiving in the
Church of Christ. It is in vv. 1, 2 an invitation to joy, because we
know that we are God's people[2]."

This Psalm was formerly used at Lauds on Sundays.

1. We claim the whole earth for God,

2. Because He is God,
because He made us,
and because He protects us.

4. The wide extent of His mercy is made the ground of praise and
thanksgiving at this place in the Service, because the spread of the
Gospel has been called to mind by the Second Lesson.

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