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Jesus is known to us as the Son of Man: hence His people can use the
words of the Blessed Virgin. When she looked forward to His coming,
she used words which we can say after reading the Old Testament
promises of a Saviour who should come into the world.

1. God my Saviour. This is the meaning of the name Jesus. The
names Jesus and John were given designedly: naturally, therefore, they
supply leading thoughts to the two Hymns which are especially
associated with our Lord's Birth, and the birth of His forerunner (cf.
Benedictus throughout, but especially vv. 4, 5, 6).

5. The name, John, suggests God's mercy.

7. The name, Mary, may have prompted the word exalted.

9. In this verse we can trace Zacharias=God hath remembered;
John=God's mercy; and Elizabeth=God's oath.

The Song of Hannah in 1 Sam. ii. exhibits many points of similarity and
contrast, when compared with this Hymn.

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