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The Confession

The capital letters indicate that this was to be, as it were, dictated
to the people, sentence by sentence: and the Rubric implies the same.
It will be remembered that books were scarce when this Rubric was
prepared. Literal obedience to it is often very impressive, and a real
addition to the solemnity of the act. On ordinary occasions in some
Churches, the Minister leads the Confession without the formal
separation of each clause from the next.

The expressions, used here to acknowledge the wickedness of sin and the
defects of human life, will seem to be excessive whenever we are making
light of {31} our faults. But in proportion as we realise the
perfection of God's holiness, we shall find them suitable to every
shade of defect and sin.

The comprehensive humility of this Confession is designed to include
both modified faults and grave offences--whether by commission,
omission or indolence. The full acknowledgment of the different forms
of sin is followed by prayer for mercy and recovery, relying upon the
promises declared in Jesus Christ.

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