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The Five Kinds Of Worship Forms

Examples-- Examples--
Prayer Praise

1. The Minister AMEN form The Collects Prayer of
offers and the Consecration
People endorse in Holy
it Communion (see
1 Cor. xiv. 16)

2. Minister and Responsorial, Hymn at Sursum Corda
People pursue or Ordination of in Holy
different lines INTERJECTIONAL Priests Communion
interrupting form Preces before Versicles
one another Collects before

3. The Congregation Antiphonal, "From our The Psalms
form two or ANTHEM enemies, &c." in Mattins
companies which form --8 verses in and
reply to one the Litany Evensong

4. The Minister LITANY The main body
names the subject form of the Litany
and the People
offer the prayer
(or praise)

5. A portion of PRECEDED The Lesson and
Holy Scripture prayer or Commandments Canticle
is read and the praise in Holy
prayer or praise Communion
completes it as
an Act of Worship

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