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The Psalms

Every part of the Praise portion of the Service has a
Praise-Termination. We have already seen that the "intention" of the
Lord's Prayer is marked for praise by a Termination, viz. for thine is
the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever.

This praise-termination belongs to the Lord's Prayer, and is not used
for anything else. In like manner, other forms of praise have their
own terminations. Thus Psalms and Lessons are used for praise and have

When a Psalm is used for praise, its termination is Glory be to the
father, &c.

When a Lesson is used for praise, its termination is a Canticle--i.e.
one of the Bible songs of praise (from the Latin canticulum, a little
song, a sonnet).

When the Creed is used for praise, since nothing can be added to the
facts of God's Being and Work except the will to recite them devoutly,
its praise-termination is Amen.

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