Justin Martyr

61. * * * We bring them where there is water; and after the same

manner of regeneration as we also were regenerated ourselves, they are

regenerated; for, in the Name of God, the Father and Lord of all

things, and of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Ghost, they

then receive the washing of water: for, indeed, Christ also said,

Except ye be born again, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of

heaven. * * * *

65. But after thus washing him who has professed, and given his assent,

we bring him to those who are called brethren; where they are assembled

together, to offer prayers in common both for ourselves, and for the

person who has received illumination, and all others everywhere, with

all our hearts, that we might be vouchsafed, now we have learnt the

truth, by our works also to be found good citizens and keepers of the

commandments, that we may obtain everlasting Salvation. We salute one

another with a kiss when we have concluded the prayers: then is brought

to the President of the brethren, bread, and a cup of water and wine,

which he receives; and offers up praise and glory to the Father of all

things, through the Name of His Son, and of the Holy Ghost; and he

returns thanks at length, for our being vouchsafed these things by Him.

[Here follows a brief description of this special Eucharist after a

Baptism which we omit in order to give the longer description below.]

67. * * * And on the day which is called Sunday, there is an assembly

in the same place of all who live in cities, or in country districts;

and the records of the Apostles, or the writings of the Prophets, are

read as long as we have time. Then the Reader concludes: and the

President verbally instructs, and exhorts us, to the imitation of these

excellent things: then, we all together rise and offer up our prayers;

and, as I said before, when we have concluded our prayer, bread is

brought, and wine, and water; and the President, in like manner, offers

up prayers, and thanksgivings, with all his strength; and the people

give their assent by saying Amen: and there is a distribution, and a

partaking by every one, of the eucharistic elements (ton

eucharistethenton); and to those who are not present, they are sent by

the hands of the deacons * * *.

Library of the Fathers. S. Justin's Works.

[Antoninus Pius, to whom Justin addressed his two Defences, was Emperor

of Rome from 138 to 161. The first of the two is that from which the

above quotation is taken: its date has been placed as early as A.D.

139, and as late as A.D. 150. Justin's Martyrdom has been dated A.D.

166. His description of Services refers therefore to the 50 years

which followed the death of S. John the Apostle.]

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