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Adding To The Promise

for the benefit of His friend Abram.

Let us go back a moment to Lot, and see what Lot gained by making
that choice. I believe that you can find five thousand Lots to one
Abram to-day. People are constantly walking by sight, lured by the
temptations of men and of the world. Men are very anxious to get
their sons into lucrative positions, although it way be disastrous
to their character; it may ruin them morally and religiously, and in
every other way. The glitter of this world seems to attract them.
Some one has said that Abram was a far-sighted man, and Lot was a
short-sighted man; his eye fell on the land right around him. There
is the one thing that we are quite sure of--he was so short-sighted
that his possessions soon left him. And you will find that these
people who are constantly building for time are disappointed.

I have no doubt that the men of Sodom said that Lot was

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