Shot Up A Prayer

to heaven right there in the king's dining hall that the Lord would

help him to make his request in the right way. He first looked

beyond Artaxerxes to the King of Kings. You need not make a long

prayer. A man who prays much in private will make short prayers in

public. The Lord told Nehemiah what to ask for, that he might be

sent to his own country, that some men might go with him, and that

the king would give him letters to the governors through whose

provinces he would pass so that he might have a profitable journey

and be able to rebuild the walls of his city. God had been preparing

the king, for the king at once granted the request, and before long

this young prince was on his way to Jerusalem.

When he reached the city he didn't have a lot of men go before him

blowing trumpets and saying that the cupbearer of the great Persian