Your Message And Not Yourself

the most prominent thing. Don't be self-conscious Set your heart on

what God has given you to do, and don't be so foolish as to let your

own difficulties or your own abilities stand in the way. It is said

that people would go to hear Cicero and would come away and say,

"Did you ever hear anything like it? wasn't it sublime? wasn't it

grand?" But they would go and hear Demosthenes, and he would fire

them so with the sub
ect that they would want to go and fight at

once. They forgot all about Demosthenes, but were stirred by his

message; that was the difference between the two men.

Next Moses said: "O my Lord, send, I pray thee, by the hand of him

whom thou wilt send."

Did you ever stop to think what Moses would have lost if God had

taken him at his word, and said:

"Very well, Moses; you may stay here in the desert, and I will send

Aaron, or Joshua, or Caleb!"

Don't seek to be excused if God calls you to some service. What

would the twelve disciples have lost if they had declined the call

of Jesus! I have always pitied those other disciples of whom we read

that they went back, and walked no more with Jesus. Think what Orpah

missed and what Ruth gained by cleaving to Naomi's God! Her story

has been