We now pass beyond the utmost limits to which a "scientific" theory of things ghostly can be pushed. Science admits, if asked, that it does not know everything. It is not _inconceivable_ that living minds may communicate by some other channel... Read more of Appearances Of The Dead at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational


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Ceremonies Necessary To Divine Worship
Ceremonies Of The Mass
Confession Of Sin
Crucifixes Relics And Images
Devotion To The Blessed Sacrament
Granting Indulgences
Holy Communion
Honoring The Blessed Virgin
Infant Baptism
Praying For The Dead
Praying To The Saints
Respect Shown To Ecclesiastical Superiors
Some Sacramentals
The Celebration Of Feasts
The Ceremonies Of The Catholic Church
The Last Sacraments
Vespers And Benediction
Vestments Used By The Priest At Mass