Mayor Of Sodom

He was getting on amazingly well; wonderfully prosperous.

But by and by there comes a war. If you go into Sodom, you must take

Sodom's judgment when it comes, for it is bound to come. The battle

turned against those five cities of the plain and they took Lot and

his wife and all that they had, and one man escaped and ran off to

Hebron and told Abram what had taken place. Abram took his

servants,--three hu
dred and eighteen of them,--went after these

victorious kings, and soon returned with all the booty and all the



On Abram's way back with the spoils one of the strangest scenes of

history occurs. Whom should he meet but Melchizedek, who brought out

bread and wine; and the priestly king blessed the Father of the

Faithful. After the old king of peace had blest him, he met the King

of Sodom, and the King of Sodom said, "You take the money, and I

will take the people"; but Abram replied:

"Not a thing will I take, not even the shoe-latchets, lest thou

shouldst say, I have made Abram rich."

There is another surrender. There was a temptation to get rich at

the hands of the King of Sodom. But the King of Salem had blessed

him, and this world did not tempt him. It tempted Lot, and no doubt

Lot thought Abram made a great mistake when he refused to take this

wealth; but Abram would not touch a thing; he spurned it and turned

from it. He had the world under his feet; he was living for another

world. He would not be enriched from such a source.

Every one of us is met by the prince of this world and the Prince of

Peace. The one tempts us with wealth, pleasure, ambition: but our

Prince and Priest is ready to succor and strengthen us in the hour

of temptation.

A friend of mine told me some years ago that his wife was very fond

of painting, but that for a long time he never could see any beauty

in her paintings; they all looked like a daub to him. One day his

eyes troubled him and he went to see an oculist. The man looked in

amazement at him and said:

"You have what we call a short eye and a long eye, and that makes

everything a blur."

He gave him some glasses that just fitted him, and then he could see

clearly. Then, he said, he understood why it was that his wife was

so carried away with art, and he built an art gallery, and filled it

full of beautiful things; because everything looked so beautiful

after he had had his eyes straightened out.

Now there are lots of people that have