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A Falser Idea Of God

than that. Since I have become a father I have made this discovery:
that it takes more love and self-sacrifice for the father to give up
the son than it does for the son to die. Is a father on earth a true
father that would not rather suffer than to see his child suffer? Do
you think that it did not cost God something to redeem this world?
It cost God the most precious possession He ever had. When God gave
His Son, He gave all, and yet He gave Him freely for you and me.

I can imagine that Abraham talks to Isaac and tells him how hard it
is to offer him up. "But God has commanded it," he says, "and I
surrender my will to God's will. I don't understand it, but I
believe that God will be able to raise you up, and maybe He will."

They fell on their faces, and prayed together. After prayer I can
see that old father take his boy to his bosom, and embrace him for
the last time. He kisses and kisses him. Then he takes those hands
that are so innocent, and binds them, and he binds the feet, and he
ties him up, and lays him on the altar, and gives him a last kiss.
Then he takes the knife, and raises his hand. No sooner is the hand
lifted than a voice calls from heaven:

"Abraham, Abraham, spare thy son!"

You remember that Christ said, "Abraham saw my day, and was glad." I
have an idea that God then and there just

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