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A Much Shrewder Man

than his uncle Abram, and that if he lived twenty-five years he
would be the richer of the two, and that by coming into Sodom he
could sell his cattle and sheep and goats and whatever else he had
for large sums, and could get a good deal better market than Abram
could back there on the plains of Mamre.

For awhile Lot did make money very fast, and became a very
successful man. If you had gone into Sodom a little while before
destruction came, you would have found that Lot owned some of the
best corner lots in town, and that Mrs. Lot moved in what they
called the bon-ton society or upper ten; and you would have found
that she was at the theatre two or three nights in the week. If they
had progressive euchre, she could play as well as anybody; and her
daughters could dance as well as any other Sodomites. We find Lot
sitting in the gates, he was getting on amazingly well. He might
have been one of the principal men in the city; Judge Lot, or the
Honorable Lot of Sodom. If there had been a Congress in those days,
they would have run him for a seat in Congress. They might have
elected him

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