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The Man Born Blind And Joseph Of Arimathea

There were two extraordinary men living in the city of Jerusalem
when Christ was on earth. One of them has come down through history
nameless--we do not know who he was; the name of the other is given.
One was not only a beggar, but blind from his birth; the other was
one of the rich men of Jerusalem. Yet in the Gospel of John, there
is more space given to this blind beggar than to any other
character. The reason why so much has been recorded of this man is
because he took his stand for Jesus Christ.

Look at the account given in John ix., beginning at the fifth verse.
In the previous chapter Christ had been telling them that He was the
Light of the world, and that if any man would follow Him he should
not walk in darkness, but should have the light of life. After
making a statement of that kind, Christ often gave

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