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What A Confession

of Christ that was! He called Him "Lord." A queer Lord! Nails
through His hands and feet, fastened to the cross. A strange throne!
Blood trickling down His face from the scars made by the crown of
thorns. But He was all the more "Lord" because of this.

Sinner, call Him "Lord" now. Take your place as a poor condemned
rebel, and cry out:

"Lord, remember me!"

That isn't a very long prayer, but it will prevail. You don't have
to add--"when Thou comest into Thy kingdom," because Christ is now
at His Father's right hand. Three words; a chain of three golden
links that will bind the sinner to his Lord.

Some people think they must have a form of prayer, a prayer-book,
perhaps, if they are going to address the Throne of Grace properly;
but what could that poor fellow do with a prayer-book up there,
hanging on the cross, with both hands nailed fast? Suppose it had
been necessary for some priest or minister to pray for him, what
could he do? Nobody is there to pray for him, and yet he is going to
die in a few hours. He is out of reach of help from man, but God has
laid help upon One who is mighty, and that One is close at hand. He
prayed out of the heart. His prayer was short, but it brought the
blessing. It came to the point: "Lord, remember me when Thou comest
into Thy kingdom." He asked the Lord to give him, right there and
then, what he wanted.

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