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The Call Of Moses

There is a great deal more room given in Scripture to the call of
men to God's work than there is to their end. For instance, we
don't know where Isaiah died, or how he died, but we know a great
deal about the call God gave him, when he saw God on high and lifted
up on His throne. I suppose that it is true to-day that hundreds of
young men and women who are listening for a call and really want to
know what their life's mission is, perhaps find it the greatest
problem they ever had. Some don't know just what profession or work
to take up, and so I should like to take the call of Moses, and see
if we cannot draw some lessons from it.

You remember when God met Moses at the burning bush and called him
to do as great a work as any man has ever been called to in this
world, that

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