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Two Sides

The cross of Christ divides all mankind. There are only two sides,
those for Christ, and those against Him. Think of the two thieves;
from the side of Christ one went down to death cursing God, and the
other went to glory.

What a contrast! In the morning he is led out, a condemned criminal;
in the evening he is saved from his sins. In the morning he is
cursing; in the evening he is singing hallelujahs with a choir of
angels. In the morning he is condemned by men as not fit to live on
earth; in the evening he is reckoned good enough for heaven. In the
morning nailed to the cross; in the evening in the Paradise of God,
crowned with a crown he should wear through all the ages. In the
morning not an eye to pity; in the evening washed and made clean in
the blood of the Lamb. In the morning in the society of thieves and
outcasts; in the evening Christ is not ashamed to walk arm-in-arm
with him down the golden pavements of the eternal city.

The thief was

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