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The Starting-point Of His Faith

although still he thought it a foolish thing, and could not bring
himself to believe that the result would be what the prophet had

At last Naaman's will was conquered, and he surrendered. When
General Grant was besieging a town which was a stronghold of the
Southern Confederacy, some of the officers sent word that they would
leave the city if he would let them go with their men. But General
Grant sent word:

"No, nothing but an unconditional surrender!"

Then they sent word that they would go if he would let them take
their flag with them. But the answer was: "No, an unconditional

At last the beleagured walls were broken down, and the city entered,
and then the enemy made a complete and unconditional surrender.
Well, it was so with Naaman; he got to that point when he was
willing to obey, and the Scripture tell us, "To obey is better than
to sacrifice."

God wants obedience. Naaman had to learn this lesson. There was no
virtue, probably, in going down to the Jordan, any more than in
obeying the voice of God. He had to obey the word, and

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