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No Physician

who could help him in Syria. None of the eminent doctors in Damascus
could do him any good. If he was to get rid of the leprosy, the
power must come from on high. It must be some one unknown to Naaman,
for he did not know God.

But I will tell you what they had in Syria--they had one of God's
children there, and she was a little girl, a simple captive maid,
who waited on Mrs. Naaman. Naaman knew nothing about this little
Israelite, though she was one of his household.

I can imagine that one day, as she was waiting on the general's
wife, she noticed her weeping. Her heart was breaking because of the
dark cloud that rested over her home. So she told her mistress that
there was a prophet in her country that could cure her master of his
leprosy. "Would to God," she said, "my lord were with the prophet in
Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy."

There's faith for you!

She boasted of God that He would do more for this heathen than He
had done for any in Israel; and

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