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No Crown Without A Cross

We must take our proper position here, as Joseph did. It cost him
something to take up his cross. I have no doubt they put him out of
the council and out of the synagogue. He lost his standing, and
perhaps his wealth: like other faithful followers of Christ, he
became, henceforth, a despised and unpopular man.

The blind man could not have done what Joseph did. Some men can do
what others cannot. God will hold us responsible for our own
influence. Let each of us do what we can. Even though the conduct of
our Lord's professed followers was anything but helpful to those
who, like Joseph, had but little courage to come out on the Lord's
side, he was not deterred from taking his stand.

Whatever it costs us, let us be true Christians, and take a firm
stand. It is like the dust in the balance in comparison to what God
has in store for us. We can afford to suffer with Him a little while
if we are going to reign with Him for ever. We can afford to take up
the cross and follow Him, to be despised and rejected by the world,
with such a bright prospect in view. If the glories of heaven are
real, it will be to His praise and to our advantage to share in His
rejection now.

May the Lord keep us from halting; and may we, when weighed in the
balance, not be found wanting! May God help every reader to do all
that the poor blind beggar did, and all that Joseph did!

Let us confess Him at all times and in all places. Let us show our
friends that we are out and out on His side. Every one has a circle
that he can influence, and God will hold us responsible for the
influence we possess. Joseph of Arimathea and the blind man had
circles in which their influence was powerful. I can influence
people that others cannot reach; and they, in their turn, can reach
a class that I could not touch. It is only for a little while that
we can confess Him and work for Him. It is only for a few months or
years; and then the eternal ages will roll on, and great will be our
reward in the crowning day that is coming. We shall then hear the
Master say to us:

"Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of
thy Lord."

God grant it may be so!

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