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How Many Would Buy Salvation!

But, thank God, it is not in the market for sale. You must buy it at
God's price, and that is "without money and without price." Naaman
found that out.

My dear friends, did you ever ask yourselves which is the worse--the
leprosy of sin, or the leprosy of the body? For my own part, I would
a thousand times sooner have the leprosy of the body eating into my
eyes, and feet, and arms! I would rather be loathsome in the sight
of my fellow-men than die with the leprosy of sin in my soul, and be
banished from God forever! The leprosy of the body is bad, but the
leprosy of sin is a thousand times worse. It has cast angels out of
heaven. It has ruined the best and strongest men that ever lived in
the world. Oh, how it has pulled men down! The leprosy of the body
could not do that.

There is one thing about Naaman that I like specially, and that is
his earnestness of purpose. He was

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