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Easter Eve Setting Of Magnificat

[Transcriber's note: In the following section, in the original book,
the material in the right-hand column was italicized. In standard
Project Gutenberg practice, such text is (usually) surrounded by
underscores (""), but for clarity, that underscoring has been omitted

Now on the evening of the
Sabbath, as it began to dawn My soul doth magnify the
toward the first day of the Lord:
week, came Mary Magdalene
and the other Mary to see the

And behold, there was a And my spirit hath rejoiced
great earthquake. in God my Saviour.

For the angel of the Lord For he hath regarded the
descended from heaven, and lowliness of his handmaiden:
came and rolled back the stone for behold, from henceforth all
from the door, and sat upon it. generations shall call me blessed.

His countenance was like For he that is mighty hath
lightning, and his raiment magnified me, and holy is his
white as snow. name.

And for fear of him the And his mercy is on them
keepers did shake, and that fear him, throughout all
became as dead men. generations.

And the angel answered He hath shewed strength
and said unto the women, Fear with his arm; he hath scattered
not ye; for I know that ye the fraud in the imagination
seek Jesus, which was crucified. of their hearts.
He is not here: for he is risen,
as he said.

Come, see the place where He hath put down the
the Lord lay. mighty from their seat, and
hath exalted the humble and

And go quickly, and tell He hath filled the hungry
his disciples, that he is risen with good things, and the rich
from the dead. he hath sent empty away.

In Galilee shall ye see him: He remembering his mercy
lo, I have told you. hath holpen his servant Israel.

Fear not ye; for he is risen As he promised to our forefathers,
as he said. Abraham and his seed
for ever.

And very early in the first Glory be to the Father, and
day of the week, they came to the Son, and to the Holy
unto the sepulchre at the rising Ghost:
of the sun.

And they said among themselves, As it was in the beginning,
Who shall roll us away is now, and ever shall be,
the stone, and when they looked, world without end. Amen.
they saw that it was rolled

We have now given examples of Anthems, which show that they have their
name from the responding of two choirs to one another[1]. But Anthems
were not of necessity hymns of Praise. The place provided at Morning
and Evening Prayer, for the singing of an Anthem, is singularly
ill-suited to the singing of a Praise-Anthem: for it is the place also
of the Litany. It is sometimes pleaded that people grow tired of
prayer, by the end of the 3rd Collect, and need a change: hence, after
praying for three or four minutes, they rise up and sing praise for ten
minutes, before kneeling again for seven or eight minutes. If we have
grasped the reverent orderliness of the Services, we shall not easily
be persuaded that this was the design of the order at this place. We
have elsewhere shown that an Anthem here unites the Collects which
precede it, to those which follow.

We must believe that there was an intention to provide an Anthem Book.
Until this is done by authority, it would be well to distinguish, in
Hymn Books, between those Hymns which are suitable in the midst of the
Prayers, and those which are appropriate as Hymns of Praise. The same
might also be done in the Anthem Books, so that a Praise-Anthem, or
Hymn, might be sung at the close of the whole Service. A
Prayer-Anthem, or Hymn, or one upon the Redeemer's Love, and His Work
as Mediator, suits well as a modulation to the Prayers after the 3rd
Collect. And it might be sung Antiphonally.

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