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The First Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer may be regarded as a brief summary of the acts of
worship which come after it. Much care is required in order to use its
familiar words with due devotion. When it is used, as here, for
Praise, the following may be taken as examples of the thoughts which
should accompany its several phrases.

Our Father, God is Love.
Which art in heaven, God is a spirit.
Hallowed be Thy Name, God's Holiness.
Thy Kingdom come, God's Power.
Thy Will be done, God's Perfectness.
In earth as it is in heaven, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord
God Almighty.
Give us this day our daily Every good gift is from
bread, above.
Forgive us our trespasses, The mercy of the Lord
is from everlasting to
Lead us not into temptation, Thou art about my path
and about my bed.
Deliver us from evil, With power He commandeth
the unclean spirits, &c.

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