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The Order For Morning Prayer Daily Throughout The Year

This fresh heading is necessary because the former included the Order
for Evening Service. Morning and Evening Prayer (called also Mattins
and Evensong: see Table of Proper Lessons) are two divisions of the
same chapter.

These two Services are very much alike. The map on the next page shows
their construction.

An examination of this map will show that the plan of the Lord's Prayer
is closely followed. There are two parts and an introduction. Of the
two parts Praise comes first, as in the Lord's Prayer.

Each of the two parts begins with the Lord's Prayer, which is arranged
with a setting so as to mark the character of what follows.

Every piece of the Praise portion is set with a Praise-Termination, or
Doxology: and this portion includes both kinds of Praise, viz.
Outspoken Praise, and Reverent Hearing of God's Word. In like manner
the Prayer portion includes the two kinds of Prayer, viz. Petition for
the wants of men, and Thanksgiving for what they have received.

Thus these two Services are formed in obedience to the rule that we are
to take the Lord's Prayer as our model (S. Matth. vi. 9).

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