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The Lord's Prayer As Set For The Service Of Prayer

We have before explained that the Doxology is not added here, but the
Lesser Litany is prefixed to it. The thoughts will now be different
from those which occupied our hearts at the beginning of the Praises.
The following may be suggested:

Hallowed be Thy Name . . . . . . Ask for Reverence.
Thy kingdom come . . . . . . Devotion.
Thy will be done . . . . . . Obedience.
Give us our daily bread . . . . . . Support, Health,
Teaching, Communion.
Forgive us . . . . . . Forgiveness.
Lead us . . . . . . Guidance.
Deliver us . . . . . . Deliverance.

Then the Priest is directed to stand up: thus reminding us again that
we are approaching the Majesty on High. The people, though still
kneeling, {132} are included in his priestly action, and take an equal
share of the petitions, which form the Preces (=prayers L.). Each
verse is to be said by the Minister, and its Respond by the People.

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